Calhoun Project

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Project Overview

The Calhoun’s wanted to change the use of their existing home. Providing an easy to use, visually pleasing AV systems, 7.1 surround theater, distributed audio and video, controlled lighting, climate, and security. They were tired of trying to explain to guest how to change the channel on the satellite or using the correct remote to watch a movie. Being empty nesters, they did not want to come home at night to a dark house– they wanted to feel safe.   Also, they wanted to be able to access their home while traveling.

Project Details

  • Builder spec wiring had to be upgraded to accomplish the theater and distributed AV.
  • Installed new speakers, mounts for the television, receiver, and calibration to provide a useable home theater system for music, television, or movies in the family room.
  • Light switches were replaced allowing the house to have the exterior lights to come on at dark and go off around a certain time, varying so not to be predictable. Lights to dim as a movie starts, and interior lights come on at certain times of the day. Along with special light scenes for entertaining, security, dining, and cooking.
  • Added a 4x4 HDMI video matrix which allowed all the displays in four rooms to share the mega disk changer, apple tv, and two satellite DVR boxes.  All controlled by a remote in each room.
  • Good night house button which closed the garage doors, locked the exterior doors, and turn off all lights except master suite, while assuring the occupants it was complete with an on screen message on the touch screens.   Good night master button to turn off master suite when ready for sleep.
  • Provided an equipment rack to house all of the equipment in a hidden location, and to provide ease of maintenance. Allowing only video displays to be hung on the walls in each room making a modern update look for the home.
  • Music to the back patio, dining room, master bath, master bedroom, study, family room, game room, with an 8x8 audio amplifier providing 8 rooms of audio, to be able to listen to the Blu-ray player, Satellites, Rhapsody, iPhones,  and tune in radio. Provided a relaxing times by the pool and during parties with a listen to Rhapsody button.
  • Distributed audio for the televisions in the family room, master, study, and game room, through the use of in ceiling speakers and single remotes for control. Providing an improved listening and ease of use experience.
  • Provided keyless locks to the exterior doors, and sensors on the garage doors, providing a secure environment.
  • Provided an on screen menu on the televisions that allows selection of the movie’s by cover art or title from the home owners movie library. Allowing the Calhoun’s to remember and watch their favorite movies.


A perfect combination of entertainment and control. Special preparation went into the wiring of the home to ensure seamless installation as well as simple upgrades. With a home theater in the family room, the Calhoun's decided to pull out all the stops to capture the best movie watching experience. To control the home, a handful of touchscreens were conveniently placed in the kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath. "We are thrilled by the systems installed by 1control AV. Being a retro fit into an existing home, we were very pleased with the care and necessary steps taken to maintain and protect the integrity of our home as well respecting our personal space and schedules.  It was such a pleasure working with them!" – Kim